Spin playlist – one hour #3

My classes are usually 45 minutes long, but every four weeks or so I switch it to one hour.  It’s a good challenge to push for that extra 15 minutes. This one is a tough pyramid ride. Starting with a light load we make our way up one side of a big hill and down the other. There’s no real break until we get to the top. As always, at the beginning I instruct my class to wind on up and find their steepest hill, then take some load off so everyone is starting at roughly the same place.

You can find this playlist on Spotify, username bec-p, playlist One-Hour – 3.

Tracklist (notes following)


Riding notes

  • Five more hours – warming up with a bit of load on the wheel.
  • How much is the fish? – add a bit of load, we’ve got 6 tabata sprints, full speed. Each sprint is 30 sec and each rest is only 10 sec. You can either stand, sit, or alternate these sprints (the next track is also seated but then we’re mostly out of the saddle until the top).
  • Sunchyme – endurance. I usually start the track at about 1:40, once the beat comes in. We add a tiny bit of load every minute or so, keeping a nice steady pace. Those tiny turns all add up so by the end it’s a struggle to keep a good pace. This is the last time in the saddle until we reach the top of the hill.
  • Joker and the thief – get ready to get out of your saddle and go for a run. There will be a nice chunk of load from the last track so leave the dial. As with the last track we want to keep to a nice steady pace, not sprinting but a nice quick jog. 2 runs, a big one for about 2:30, and then a little one for about 40 secs.
  • My body – add another little turn. We’ve got 3 surges in this one, we’re going to be standing and then surging at each chorus, working on the beat in between.
  • How far we’ve come – this is the first of 2 jump tracks. These ones are little mini jumps, just raise your butt an inch off the seat. There are 3 rounds, kicking in at the chorus at 52 secs. Raise your butt for 3 seconds, sit for three and repeat. You’ll be able to hear the change in the music. In the first two rounds you only do the up/down three times, the last round is much longer. It’ll be easy for the first couple but then the upper legs really start to work and the pain comes in. Remind your class to just lift their butts and not come away from the seat.
  •  Gold on the ceiling – last climb before the top. Climbing out of the saddle, working on the beat. There are only 2 rounds and we drop into hovers in the chorus. The first hover comes in at 50 sec. There are two parts to the hover – the first is slow and controlled and then we come back on the beat when the music changes. The second hover is long – we go slow/fast/slow/fast before finishing back up. There needs to be enough load so you have to work to stay on the beat, it’s not a gentle climb.
  • Too original – this track is the big jumps where we come right off the seat. Leave the load, it needs to be heavy otherwise you can’t stay on the beat. There are 3 rounds, the first one kicks in at 19 seconds, you’re up for 4 beats, down for 4, sit back down for the chorus. Remind your class to come straight up and down, not to rock from side to side.
  • Human – we’ve reached the top of the hill. Time to slow it down and grind through some big load. I split the song so there’s just around 50 sec each to sit, stand and sit. See if you can get back up to that big hill you dialed up to right at the start of the class. Towards the end of the track dial back to the previous tracks load and get ready for the next track.
  • Mary Jane – we’re on the way down! Back to jumps. Starting at 16 secs, there are 3 rounds. Sit for the chorus. We’re going 4 up, 4 down again.
  • Now you’re gone – another fast one. A standing climb on the fast beat, there’s a chance to sit and push at around 60 sec in, a nice wee break at 2:10 before you finish it out of the saddle.
  • Rebel yell – a bit of load comes off, we’re back to mini jumps. Another fast track. 3 rounds, just 4 up/downs in each chorus (the first one kicks in at 47 sec). Keep working fast in between and keep that heart rate up!
  • Shot me down – a bit of load comes off.  I quite often use these surges in my classes. Stay with the load. We’ve got 2 surges coming. We start out of the saddle, pushing as hard as we can into the load then we drop into the seat and keep pushing. Tell your class that it’s good to build the momentum when they’re up as it will help when they sit. The first surge is at 40 sec – push out of the saddle for 16 seconds then sit for the push, you’ll hear the change in the music.
  • Satisfy – more load comes off, it’s time for the final 2 runs. These are both shorter than the first lot, just 60 sec each. The break in between is quite long so I skip half of it.
  • Footloose – last endurance track and it’s a fun track because we’re nearly done. Load went on in tiny increments going up the hill, now we take tiny turns off. Once again, we’ve got a nice steady pace.
  • Walkie talkie man – last 3 standing sprints to finish it off. Watch your load – you need it to steady you because these are short and fast. They kick in at 30 sec, 1:03, and 1:44.

Done! Finish off with a couple of cool down tracks, I used I feel it coming and Despacito for this playlist.