Spin playlist #32

This is a new playlist and a bit different to what we usually do. In this class we’re really working on keeping the heart rate up. There’s no real break until the very last track. As always, at the beginning I instruct my class to wind on up and find their steepest hill, then take some load off so everyone is starting at roughly the same place.

You can find this playlist on Spotify, username bec-p, playlist Thirty second.

Tracklist (notes following)


Riding notes

  • Jump – warming up with a bit of load on the wheel. I love me some 90’s pop!
  • Slam – get ready to get out of your saddle and go for a run. Add a bit of load. We want to keep to a nice steady pace, not sprinting but a nice quick jog. These are big runs, about 4 minutes in total with a really short break in between. The first one kicks in at 1:06 and the second at 3:40.
  • Show me fitness music, Uptown funk, Bun it up – these 3 tracks form one big segment that’s like a nasty tabata endurance. Instruct your class to find a load that they can push at 100% for 1:15. There are 6 rounds, 40 sec break in between. We’re trying to push that heart rate right up. It will be tough and painful.
  •  Feel the love– we’re running again. A bit of load comes off. Just 2 runs, 1:30 and 45 secs.
  • Rollercoaster- a nice fast track in the saddle with 3 surges out of it. Add a bit of load and keep a fast pace right through. We want that heart rate to still be up there.
  • Walk the line – there are two things I love in this song – a great beat and Johnny Cash. This is a long track, 7 minutes. It’s a great climbing track, you want to be working hard to stay on the beat. I like to do big chunks standing, then dropping into short hovers and/or stints in the seat. It doesn’t ease off the whole track.
  • Whoomp! – Jumps x 4 rounds, starting at 32 secs. We’re going 4 up, 4 down.
  • Korobushka – this is a fun one! Turn that dial all the way up, right up to that big hill you set at the beginning of class. We’ve got 2 minutes to grind it out before the load starts coming off bit by bit. There are 4 turns to make, with each one your pace increases until you’re flying home. You can choose where to turn it down, there are some definite changes in the music. Really push that pace at the end.

Done! Finish off with a couple of cool down tracks, I used Despacito and I can’t get next to you for this playlist.