Spin playlist #10

Another one of my earlier playlists. It’s also got a bit of everything. I came back to this recently and made some adjustments. I first used this playlist over a year ago and my fitness has increased so I needed to make it harder. As always, at the beginning I instruct my class to wind on up and find their steepest hill, then take some load off so everyone is starting at roughly the same place.

You can find this playlist on Spotify, username bec-p, playlist Tenth.

Tracklist (notes following)


Riding notes

  • Dance off – warming up with a bit of load on the wheel.
  • Sweet nothing – add a bit of load, we’ve got 3 standing sprints to start us off. Push your top speed. First two are short, last one is twice as long.
  • Pause– a nice fast track in the saddle with 4 surges. Add a bit of load and keep a fast pace right through. Add a tiny bit of load for each surge.
  • Rock this party –  this track is the big jumps where we come right off the seat. Add some more load, it needs to be heavy otherwise you can’t stay on the beat. There are 3 rounds, the first one kicks in at 34 seconds, you’re up for 4 beats, down for 4, sit back down when the female vocals kick in. Remind your class to come straight up and down, not to rock from side to side.
  • Uprising – we’re climbing out of the saddle, working on the beat. There are 3 rounds and we drop into hovers in the chorus. The hovers are very slow and controlled, really focus on keeping that upper body still.
  • Holdin’ on – get ready to get out of your saddle and go for a run. Take a good chunk of load off.  Keep to a nice steady pace, not sprinting but a nice quick jog. 2 runs, about 45 sec and 60 sec.
  • Children – the first of two tabata tracks. Take your load back to where you started. Sit for these, 5 x 30 sec seated sprints, 10 sec rest in between, adding load back for each one.
  • Devil inside– adjust that load a bit, we’re working on the beat. This is a long track, but it’s got a fast beat. I alternate between standing, hovering and sitting. It’s quick and it’s painful and it gets my heart rate sky high.
  • Thnks fr th mmrs – 3 more surges, leave the load where it is. Sit through these, pushing as fast as you can.
  • Tabata wod – a good old tabata track with audio directions! Take some load off and stand for all of these sprints.
  • I want you to want me – add a little bit of load, we’ve got little mini jumps. Just raise your butt an inch off the seat. There are only 2 rounds, kicking in at the chorus at 1:02. Raise your butt for 5 seconds, sit for 5 and repeat. You’ll be able to hear the change in the music. Keep pedaling fast in between, that heart rate is going to be up. Second round starts at 1:50 and there’s an extra set at 2:18. Remind your class to just lift their butts and not come away from the seat. When it slows at 2:55 add a big chunk of load and push really hard for the last 10 seconds.

Done! Finish off with a couple of cool down tracks, I used Paradise and Ocean Drive for this playlist.