Spin playlist #14

This is another early playlist, but is still one of my favs. For most of it we are up a hill, down a hill. As always, at the beginning I instruct my class to wind on up and find their steepest hill, then take some load off so everyone is starting at roughly the same place.

You can find this playlist on Spotify, username bec-p, playlist Fourteenth.

Tracklist (notes following)


Riding notes

  • Girls like – warming up with a bit of load on the wheel.
  • Runnin’– add a bit of load, we’ve got a nice big run to start us off. We’re going to be out off the saddle and sticking to a nice steady pace, not sprinting but a nice quick jog. It’s nearly 2 minutes long.
  • Shake senora–  this track is the big jumps where we come right off the seat. Add some more load, it needs to be heavy otherwise you can’t stay on the beat. There are 4 rounds, the first one kicks in at 23 seconds, you’re up for 4 beats, down for 4, sit for the verses. Remind your class to come straight up and down, not to rock from side to side.
  • Get ready – load comes off, we’ve got 2 standing sprints. Push your top speed, they kick in at 40 sec and 2:13.
  • Get low– Add a huge turn, we’re back up climbing out of the saddle, working on the beat. There are just 2 rounds and we drop into hovers in the chorus. The hovers are very slow and controlled, really focus on keeping that upper body still.
  • Lifestyles of the rich and famous – a bit of load comes off. 3 surges are coming your way, in each chorus. Go as fast as you can!
  •  I want to break free – and we’re back climbing so we need more load. Work on the beat. I alternate between standing and sitting.
  • Firestarter – tabata sprints so load off. 30 seconds sprint, 10 sec rest. Try and stand for all 5 of them.
  • Titanium- you guessed it, more load comes back on. We’ve got 3 surges coming.  I quite often use these surges in my classes.  We start out of the saddle, pushing as hard as we can into the load then we drop into the seat and keep pushing. Tell your class that it’s good to build the momentum when they’re up as it will help when they sit. The first surge is at 1:02 – push out of the saddle for 14 seconds then sit for the push, you’ll hear the change in the music.
  • Underneath the radar – lighten that load a bit, we’re working on the beat. This is a long track, but it’s got a fast beat. There are 3 distinct rounds – in each one we start out of the saddle, then drop into a hover and then back in the seat. Finish it off with a stomp to the end. This one gets my heart rate absolutely sky high.
  • River deep – last track, take a wee bit of load off. We’re keeping a fast pace right til the end. 3 rounds with 3 hovers in the chorus.

Done! Finish off with a couple of cool down tracks, I used Ocean Drive and Folsom Prison Blues for this playlist.