He is 9

I have not yet written about our fertility/IVF journey, but this guy, this super creative, inquisitive, sensitive dude was the last (only) one left in the petri dish. And every day I am grateful, that for whatever reason, he made it when the other 8 did not. And now he is 9.

This was the year he discovered his own sense of fashion. He loves to wear baggy shirts, sometimes so baggy they look like dresses. He wears socks, even during the height of summer. I feel hot just looking at him. But he’s comfortable so I have to let it go.

Just like Penelope, he loves swimming and will spend hours in the pool. Rugby wasn’t in the picture this year, but it looks like football will be. He’d like to be a goalie. He’s not the keenest participant in activities, but slowly slowly his confidence is growing and he’s beginning to step out of his box.

This was also the year of Daisy. I give her a lot of credit too, she sleeps in Bradley’s room so he wakes up to face licking and doggie cuddles. What a start to the day.

So, even though he’s nearly taller than me and we wear the same size jandals, he’ll always be my little man. Happy birthday, my big little man. Shine on.

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