My favourite spin tracks

I am one of those annoying people who says ‘oh my god, I love this song!’ any time they hear, any song, ever, on the radio. I just can’t help it, and it spills over into my spin classes too. Recently I started thinking about my favourite spin tracks but it’s like trying to choose a favourite child. There are so many to choose from, but I’ve tried to narrow it down. There are so many other tracks that I’d love to choose but the gyms where I teach have a ‘no swear words’ policy so that rules out lots of great tracks, although if there’re only one or two words I can get away with it by talking over them.

These can all be found on my Spotify playlist, love to spin, under the username bec-p

In no particular order, here they are:

Walk the line (Laurent Wolf remix) – this is one epic climb at 7 mins long. I stand for most of it, and throw in a couple of hovers and a couple of stints in the saddle.

Flight (Steve Aoki, R3HAB) – I quite often use these surges in my classes and there are 2 in this one. Start out of the saddle (0.58), pushing as hard as you can into the load then drop into the seat (1.14)and keep pushing. It’s good to build the momentum when you’re up as it will help when you sit. Good with either a medium or heavy load.

Do something crazy (Outasight) – this is the perfect little running track, great beat, and as the lyrics go ‘good vibes only.’

Bohemian Rhapsody – I really love this as a finishing song. Start at the top of the hill with your heaviest load and then make your way down. There are 4 gear changes to make coming down the hill. 9 (1.55), 8 (2.22), 7 (3.03, this is a brutal one) and 6 (.4.08). You know how this song finishes so those legs are going to be pumping at the end.

Fireball (Pitbull, feat. John Ryan) – I could seriously ride a whole class to Pitbull! This track is just perfect for some 4/4 jumps, and there’s room for hovers too.

FML (deadmau5) – great for climbing or endurance, it’s another long one at 7 mins.

I like it (Enqrique Iglesias, Pitbull) – I really like it! I use this to jump the whole track. 8/8, moving to 4/4 for the chorus, and one lot of 2/2. It’s a challenge.

Legend (The Score) – short, heavy climb.

Madness (Muse) – great endurance track, either in or out of the saddle.

Rollercoaster (Bleachers) – great face paced track with surges out of the saddle.

S.O.B. (Nathaniel Ratliff & The Night Sweats) – this is one of the first tracks I ever played. Great for standing sprints in the chorus.

Shot me down (David Guetta, feat. Skylar Grey) – a class favourite. There are 2 surges. Start out of the saddle, pushing as hard as you can into the load then drop into the seat and keep pushing. It’s good to build the momentum when you’re up as it will help when you sit. The first surge is at 0.42 – push out of the saddle for 14 seconds then sit for the push, you’ll hear the change in the music. I LOVE this track, and use it with either a medium or heavy load.

You’re gonna go far, kid (The Offspring) – another good one to finish with 3 surges,  starting out of the saddle (0.16) then dropping (0.40). Short turnarounds in between each one make this tough. Unfortunately there are 3 F bombs but I try and talk over them.

TTU (Flosstradamus, Waka Flocka Flame) – a recent track but already a favourite. 2 surges out of the saddle at a medium load. They’re a decent minute each.

Need you tonight – mash up (INXS and Gwen Stefani) – two classic songs mashed together to create a great climbing track.

Let me know your favourite tracks in the comments!