Kid friendly gummy bears

When I first bought my gummy bear molds, I had grand ideas involving alcohol, which turned into these and these.  Now that it’s the school holidays, I need more ideas involving alcohol but, alas, it’s time to get the kids involved. These little dudes are super easy to make, and good for the kids to help with.  They’re free from refined sugar, a nice little treat for the kids, and good for sharing. Have a play around with the flavours, and if you don’t have a mold you can simply use a baking dish.


1½c frozen raspberries, thawed
½c coconut water
1½ tablespoons gelatin (I used Great Lakes, see notes)
2 tablespoons honey


Place your thawed berries in a food processor and puree them.
Press the puree through a sieve to remove the seeds. I found a rubber spatula really handy for this. You should end up with around ½ cup of puree.
Put the puree, coconut water, gelatin and honey in a small saucepan. Over a low heat, whisk until everything is combined, and then keep whisking for around 5 minutes. The mixture will thicken a bit, and will start to simmer around the edges. Don’t let it boil.
Pour into molds, or a container, and pop it into the fridge for around 45 minutes (more if you use a large container.)
Once they are set you can remove the gummies from the molds, or cut into shapes.
I recommend storing these in a ziplock bag in the fridge, so they don’t dry out.

single gummy bears


  • Adapted from BePure, via Pete Evans and Sarah Wilson.
  • Recipe makes about 200 gummy bears.
  • You can easily use different berries etc. Just work with 1c liquid and 1½ tablespoons gelatin.
  • I found my molds on trademe.
  • Great Lakes gelatin is made from grass fed cattle. Use the one in the red container.

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