Spin playlist #28

This is one of the slightly different formats I use; it’s always good to get the big hill out of the way early on. As always, at the beginning I instruct my class to wind on up and find their steepest hill, then take some load off so everyone is starting at roughly the same place.

You can find this playlist on Spotify, username bec-p, playlist Twenty Eighth.

Track list (notes following)

Riding notes

  • Getting’ Over You – warming up, use this time to settle in and make sure you’re comfy, there’s load there to push against
  • Pump It – add a bit of load, we’ve got 6 (seated) tabata sprints, full speed. Each sprint is 20 seconds, each rest 10 seconds
  • The Boys Light Up – nothing fancy here, just a good old climb. More load goes on, stick to the beat, adding as much as you can. Sit for the verse, stand for the chorus and add more load. For the last 1min45 alternate between standing/sitting
  • Believer – we’ve reached the top of the hill. Time to slow it down and grind through some big load. I split the song so there’s around 60/60/60 sec each to stand, sit and stand. See if you can get back up to that big hill you dialed up to right at the start of the class. Take all the load off at the end, we’re back where we started at the beginning of the class
  • Run With The Wolves – we add a tiny bit of load every minute or so, keeping a nice steady pace. Those tiny turns all add up so by the end it’s a struggle to keep a good pace
  • Hello – time for some jumps and hovers, more load goes on, it’s heavy. Start with a standing climb then settle into a hover at about 30secs in. We hover for about 45secs and then it’s into 4×4 jumps for the chorus. We’re back into a long hover just after 2 mins and then our last set of jumps, right through to the end
  • Freestyler – some load comes off so get ready to get out of your saddle and go for a run. We want to keep to a nice steady pace, not sprinting but a nice quick jog. 2 runs, 2 mins 20 and 1 minute
  • Turn Up Da Bass – a bit more load goes back on. We’ve got 2 big surges, push the speed into a standing run then drop straight into the saddle and keep pushing. First round is 30/30sec, second round is 35/60sec
  • Firework – we need some more load for the next two tracks. We’ve got some more surges in this, it’s a heavy load so we really need to push hard when we’re standing and build some momentum to help when we sit. Take a walk at 40sec then start pushing that speed until the chorus changes and we sit and continue pushing. 2 more choruses = 2 more attempts
  • I Know You Want Me – last track of jumps, leave the dial, there’s enough load. We’ve got 3 sets of 4×4 jumps, Pitbull will even count us in!
  • My Life Would Suck – take some load off, there’re 3 surges to finish it off. First two choruses are straightforward; race to the finish line as fast as you can. For the last surge, take a bit of load off – the final chorus is twice as long so halfway through that the load goes back on for a final push to the end

Done! Finish off with a couple of cool down tracks, I used Four Walls (Broods) and I’m on Fire (Bruce Springsteen) for this playlist.