He is 7

We waited a long time for this one, and he arrived in a hurry on an early Autumn night. A typical 7 year old, he loves farts, silly words and being rough. But he’s sensitive, gentle, and loving too. He loves likes school, loves swimming and rugby, and is pretty sociable. And even though he’ll be taller than me in the not too distant future, he’ll always be my little man.

He’s very much a planner, and this cake had been picked out since January. Just like his sisters cake, it’s straight out of the awesome ‘Great New Zealand Birthday Cake Book.’ Once again I used the vanilla cake recipe, which is like a white chocolate mud cake. The instructions called for white chocolate ganache to cover it, but I honestly couldn’t be bothered with all of the smoothing so I made a chocolate buttercream instead. Most of the cake is covered in Pineapple Lumps anyway! Bradley desperately wanted the inside to be full of m&ms (yes, more sugar) so I ended up with a 4 layer cake, piñata style. If you haven’t made a piñata cake before, there’s an excellent guide over at Sally’s Baking Addiction.

It’s not a difficult cake to make, nor does it require a lot of skill. There are just a lot of components and much ‘sticking on’ of pieces. To recap the amount of treats on this cake, we have: Pineapple Lumps, a Kit Kat, icecream cones, liquorice allsorts, jelly and m&ms! And don’t forget globs of glorious chocolate buttercream.

Happy birthday my little man.