She is 5

I am so not ready for this. How did 5 happen? Sometimes I think it only seems like yesterday that I arrived at hospital and just 20 minutes later I was holding my daughter and kissing the chubby cheeks that she still has today.

So many of the things I wrote last year are still true. She is still most definitely a water baby. She no longer swims with floaties and spends most of her time under water. How she can hold her breath that long is a mystery. She still loves to help me bake, but only if she can lick the bowl. She is my go-to pikelet assistant. And although last year she decided to have just one ‘cuddlie’, she’s now back to two.

She is massively stubborn, like both her parents, but so, so kind, gentle, nurturing and loving. She loves her babies and dolls and speaks to them in a special ‘mum’ voice. She adores her big brother and follows him around like a little duckling, much to his dismay.

She has finished kindy and this year will join Bradley at school. While I’m thrilled I’ll only have to make one drop off, I will miss her like crazy. She’s so ready, she will walk through the classroom doors and say goodbye and get on with her day. And I will be in a puddle of tears.

I’ve got her current obsession with My Little Pony’s Rainbow Dash to thank for this years cake. 5 layers of a simple vanilla cake in a piñata style so it could be filled with m&ms.  The buttercream is also vanilla and I spent a peaceful couple of hours piping and smooshing all of those petals. A gumpaste rainbow and some clouds finished it off.

Happy birthday, darling Penelope.



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