He is 8

Bradley – how are you already 8?!?

I feel like we learnt a lot about each other this year. I learnt a lot about what makes him tick, what sets him off and what brings him down.  I was lucky enough to attend the Incredible Years course and the research and skills that I walked away with have set me up to be a better parent.


Routine is super important for this guy. He needs to know when things are happening and needs a lot of advance warning about changes. He still loves his one-on-one time with me or Mike but is also equally content playing by himself. He is super creative and starting to draw some pretty impressive art. He loves money (who doesn’t) and I can often find him on his bed counting his coins.

He is sensitive, loving and cuddly. He’s got a great group of friends and they all help each other out. He is mostly tolerant with his sister although she knows how to push his buttons.

Because the current obsession is Hot Wheels, we looked on Pinterest together and found a couple of ideas that would work for a birthday cake. His only real request was that the cake was once again filled with m&ms, so it’s a 4 layer vanilla cake, piñata style. I try to avoid fondant as much as possible because it’s just too humid where we live, so the cake is filled and covered with vanilla buttercream with some fondant detailing. Those flames were fiddly!

Happy birthday, my big little man.

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